Lance Jordan Creations

About Lance

Since building his own studio from the ground up Lance has been able to convey conventional construction techniques into functional art. In more recent years he has been combining stone tile and wood as well as architectural elements and garden sculpture in ferrous cement.

Lance currently resides in San Diego and has been working out of his studio for the last fifteen years. His latest projects involve stone, mosaics, and stained glass.

While in Europe as an art student Lance was deeply impressed with the stained glass of the many gothic cathedrals. Years later this would be his inspiration for painting and etching on stained glass.

Glass painting involves the application of a layer of finely ground pigment glass that fires at a relatively low temperature imbedding permanently into the glass. In etching a flashed glass is incorporated with the color on a single side which can be pulled off with sandblasting or the use of acid.

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